السياق وأثره في الدلالة اللغوية Context and its effect on linguistic Indication

أ.د.شعيب مڤنونيفد. محمد إقبال


Linguists have observed in past and present, that context is important in renewing meaning. Knowing the substance of the word, its etymological origin and the formula on which it was formulated are often not sufficient to fully define its exact meaning; Most of the words, after they were taken from their original material and built on one of the morphological weights, were used in the places of words, and the use of them was specified with meanings that are more specific than the general meaning indicated by their roots. And the multiplicity of use during the ages in various occasions and various environments, the word has more than one meaning, and it has more than one connotation. If we had taken the word (book), for example, like this abstract, it would have aroused in the mind of the listener several meanings, including: the writer is famous for literary writing like Al-Jahiz, including the court book, and he is registered in a department of the state’s departments, or in a store of stores in the present era, including the name of the subject that indicates writing occurs from a person. No one of these meanings that exist by force is assigned to utter this word and does not bring it out of the realm of power into the realm of action except by using it in a whole set of words. That is why context has value in defining meanings and understanding speech. Context has a major impact on the interpretation of the Holy Text, the Noble Qur’an, because it needs an accurate understanding by knowing the various circumstances surrounding the text, including knowing the reasons for the descent, transcriber, transcript, and so on.

Keywords:  The context, Linguistics, indication, Arabic grammar.

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